About Us

We are Africa's first crowdsourced investment platform that combines financial literacy with wealth management.

Our Brand History

Here is how we got our name and colors

Hisa is a well thought out brand borrowing from the rich African history of trade.

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Hisa (Swahili, Kenya)

Hisa is a Swahili word meaning share or a portion of something

Nserewa (Adinkra, Ghana)

Our app icon, Nserewa, or cowry shell is a symbol of wealth, abundance and affluence.

Purple color

In African traditions, the purple color symbolizes royalty and prosperity

Our team

Meet the team that makes it all work

Eric Jackson

Co-Founder & CTO

Eunice Thairu

Chief Focus Officer

Felix Ochieng

Chief Financial Analyst

Eric Wainaina

Advisory Board

Lydia Claire Halliday

Advisory Board

Erick Asuma

Co-Founder & CEO