About Us

We are Africa's first wealth management platform that makes investing social. We allow users access to different investment options like stocks and ETFs. We also provide educational content like news, podcasts and user generated discussions aimed at improving users’ financial literacy.

Invest Globally, Locally

Our Mission

Empowering Africa to be financially independent by providing simplified investment solutions and educational content

Our Vision

To be the leading Pan-African wealth management platform

Our Goal

To educate and expose citizens of every African country to borderless investment opportunities

Our Values

Here is what we consider the Hisa DNA


“Great ideas come from everywhere”
We draw inspiration from all people, places and things. On top of it, we take every light-bulb moment seriously.

Elite Experience

“Your satisfaction is our gratification”
Anticipating, meeting and exceeding your needs is what we revel in and that’s why we encourage and take your feedback seriously. Whether it’s positive or negative criticism, we promise you, we can take it all in. Only you can make us better.

Financial Inclusion

“Investing is for everyone”
We are busting the myth that capital markets are only for the elite few by allowing anyone to easily invest and build their wealth.


“Promoting your convenience”
Accessing our platform from any of the four corners of the world with no hassle, is our number one priority. In case you need a hand, do not fret, our help desk is available just at the touch of a button whether on email, call or on our socials. We remain dedicated to making your investment journey as seamless as possible.

Our Brand History

Here is how we got our name and colors

Hisa is a well thought out brand borrowing from the rich African history of trade.

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Hisa (Swahili, Kenya)

Hisa is a Swahili word meaning share or a portion of something

Nserewa (Adinkra, Ghana)

Our app icon, Nserewa, or cowry shell is a symbol of wealth, abundance and affluence

Purple Color

In African traditions, the purple color symbolizes royalty and prosperity