Frequently Asked Questions

Hisa is a mobile based application that enables users to invest in US and Kenyan stocks, follow discussions on wealth and investments; access hundreds of podcasts and free market data on African Stock.

Yes, we work with partners who are licensed by the Capital Markets Authority in Kenya and FINRA in the US to offer the investment products on Hisa.

Hisa is available on the iOS AppStore, Google Playstore and Huawei App Gallery. Click here to download the app.

Registering on Hisa App is free of charge. Simply download the app and register by creating a user profile using your mobile phone number.

You will be able to:
  • Invest and trade in US stock markets.
  • Stay updated with curated business news from trusted partners.
  • Start, follow and engage in discussions around business, entrepreneurship and investing.
  • Binge on over 300 podcasts about markets and tech

Yes, you can reset your password via the App’s login page. Simply key in your phone number and click on ‘forgot password’.

A stock is a unit of ownership of a company.

A shareholder is an individual who owns stock in a company. A shareholder may also be referred to as a stockholder. Companies can also be shareholders by buying into a stock of another company.

Yes. The term ‘stocks’, ‘shares’ and ‘equities’ can be used interchangeably as they refer to the same thing.

Trading or stock trading, refers to the buying and selling of stocks on the stock market

The stock market is a special exchange where shareholders/investors can buy or sell shares of a company.

The minimum amount you can invest through Hisa is $5 or its equivalent in Kenyan sillings.

To trade on Hisa, you will need to create an investor profile. Once approved, you will just need to fund the account and you’re good to go

At the moment, we only offer U.S stock and ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). Other investment options in the pipeline include:
  • Kenyan Stock Markets (Coming in two months)
  • Money Market Funds
  • Bonds
  • CFDs

Your portfolio is a collection of all the assets you have bought through Hisa.

Yes, you can with at least Kshs. 500 as the minimum investment amount.

Hisa App will provide you with financial news, business podcasts, and will allow you to follow discussions by experts to help you make informed financial decisions.

You can reach out to us via the contact form here.

An investor profile is an approved account eligible for trading via the Hisa App

On the app
  • Open the sidebar menu
  • Click Investor Profile
  • Fill in your personal information and click save
  • Fill in your address information and click save
  • Fill in your employment information and click save
  • Upload the required ocuments under the proof of identity section an click save
  • Finally, click submit details to upload the information for verification

To create an investor profile, you will need to have:
  • A valid identification document (National ID or Passport) copy
  • KRA PIN copy
  • Proof of address e.g. utility bill receipts like internet, water or electricity bill
  • A smile, you’re going to take a selfie

If the data you have provided is valid, your account should be ready in less than 5 minutes

You can deposit funds into your account via M-PESA and card both Mastercard and Visa.

There is no minimum amount. However, to purchase a stock you will require a minimum of Ksh 500 in your account.

The maximum amount is Kshs. 300,000 per day which is the maximum allowed by MPESA. For Visa and Mastercard option please contact your bank for your card limit.

Hisa does not charge you to deposit or withdraw funds to/from your M-PESA account to your wallet. However, standard MPESA charges apply.

Yes, the charge is 1.0% for global stocks and 2% for Kenyan stocks of the total transaction value.

No, there is no charge to hold stocks. You can hold the stocks for as long as you want before selling them.

The U.S government has levied a mandatory 30% Withholding Tax on dividends for individuals buying stock outside of the U.S

Yes, your deposits are safe as they are being held by a licensed and regulated partner. Our partner for global stocks is a member of the SIPC, which protects securities customers of its members up to $500,000 (including $250,000 for claims for cash). Explanatory brochure available upon request or at

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