Fees & Charges

Activity Fees
Account Opening Free
Monthly Account Maintenance Free
Account Statement Requests Free
Wallet Deposits Free*
Wallet Withdrawals Free*
KYC Verification Free
Trading Commission (Kenyan Stocks) 2.0%
Trading Commission (US Stocks & ETFs) 1.0%

*Wallet deposits and withrawals will not attract any charges from Hisa. However, standard MPESA charges will apply for any deposits and withdrawals made.


Kindly note that withdrawals from your Hisa wallet will take 1-2 days to process. This is because withdrawals are processed in batch once every day by our brokerage partner Faida Investment Bank.


The U.S. government has levied a mandatory 30% Withholding Tax on dividends for individuals buying stock outside of the U.S. This will show up on your statements for any dividends earned.