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We have over 5 years of experience in developing software, reporting news and creating reputable content in investment, economics, public policy, financial markets and geopolitical influences in East Africa and the Sub Saharan region at large.

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Through our various brands we offer the following services:

In-depth Business & Finance news reporting
We run The Kenyan Wallstreet, Sub-Saharan Africa's top independent business & finance news site providing a wealth of information to readers keen on staying on top of everything finance, investments, economics and Real Estate & Construction.

We aim to provide readers and the general public with news and information on how events in the business world influence their daily lives and have a readership that transcends across the East African region and investors with a keen interest in this region.

We combine a data-driven approach to inform the messaging, through an understanding of digital media and technology.

Thought Leadership Interviews
We interview business leaders and thought leaders across different industry verticals to help the public understand more about their businesses as well as tackling everyday business and governance topics.

Find more on our YouTube Channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgrAIOyT2rROw4NRIx3b-Wg

With over 250 episodes, our podcast collection is the most comprehensive you will find in the region.

We talk to guests from corporate heads, to AI experts, to investment analysts to various change-makers.

Immerse yourself in weeks-worth of content on our podcast page here http://anchor.fm/kenyanwallstreet

Financial Education
All of our projects are aimed at increasing the financial literacy of our readers especially given that:

- 72% of the population in Sub Saharan Africa has no access to financial services

- only 20% of the Kenyan adult population is considered financially healthy.

These low financial literacy levels hinder uptake of financial markets products
among African retail investors.

Business & Investment Events Organisation
We can provide a special service for company to achieve high results. Keep your information on the our cloud. Safe methods from our professionals. Improve your business HR situation in any time with our professional team.
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Our Partners

We have partnered with all the key players in the financial markets to ensure that the products we offer are compliant to existing regulation.

However, we pride ourselves on our innovative edge that reflects in our products.

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