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Why invest with Hisa

US & Kenya Stocks

Hisa offers you the chance to
diversify your investments
in the US stock market

Fractional shares

We offer you the chance to
own fractional shares of
your favorite companies like Apple, Tesla, Amazon

Easy Access

Start trading in under 5 minutes
through our simplified & automated investor profile
creation process

Bank Level Security

We use end-to-end encryption to secure your data and your trades

Our Features

So what can you do with Hisa?

300+ Podcasts

Binge on over 300 podcasts about markets and tech

Market News

Stay upto date with all the market news from trusted partners

Market Discussions

Start of follow discussions about the stock markets

Stock Trading

Buy and Sell both Kenyan and US stocks


Stay up to date with in depth research on various matters

Wealth Management

We are working to bring on board more wealth management products like savings e.t.c

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How do we do it?

Embedding Finance in Media and Education

To the average person, investing often seems complicated and sometimes out of reach.
On Hisa, investing becomes seamless and touch-free since we combine our news articles and podcast on personal finance, investing, crypto e.t.c
by allowing users to easily buy or sell different asset classes.

Financial Literacy

At the core of Hisa, is the mission to educate our users on matters finance, given that 81% of Arica's population is finance-illeterate

Community Driven

We are leveraging our large community built over 5 years to make financial markets social

Get access to over 3000+ US companies from the comfort of your mobile phone

What stocks can you buy on Hisa?

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